About this blog

For a long time, I have been concerned about every aspect related to musical practice. It all started with a casual reading of some articles dealing with musical excellence, back in the days I was studying my bachelor in jazz drums.

After the reading of such articles, I got really interested in all the investigation that was being made on how we acquire our skills (either musical or non-musical). I thought I had discovered the secret to boosting my practice time.

When I was accepted as a student for the Master's degree in the Prins Claus Conservatorium, I could dive into this matter focusing on how to improve my own practice. As a result, I developed an approach to practicing that changed my vision of the whole process. But not only that, I could also change my mindset in everything related to music and my relationship with it.

From then on, I keep growing as a musician and as an educator and practitioner myself. This blog is one of the tools I use to keep track of all the influences that enrich my conception of music as a whole and of myself as a musician. Music is an important (essential) part of my life, and through the perfection of my musicianship, I feel I am a more rounded human being.

So, in this blog, you can find personal reflections on different elements that inspire me, whether they are books, films, songs, quotes or anything else, who knows!

This is a personal space, but it is open to anyone looking for inspiration, motivation, or ideas. Feel free to adapt my thoughts to your own circumstances and to get in touch with me or comment any post you like.

Rodrigo López
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