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My name is Rodrigo, and I am a drummer from Spain.  As a professional musician I have always been interested in practicing processes, and how to improve them. After reading a lot of articles and interesting books, I have decided to go deeper into this subject. This is the reason why I am currently studying a Master of Music in Groningen, The Netherlands. 
My focus is set on practicing processes. Actually, it is related to my own practice process. I know that currently there are many research reports that deal with the 'how to practice' issue. However, for me they are too 'external'. They talk about techniques and approaches that are very interesting. But it is not easy to implement them in your own practicing process.
Everyone of us is an independent being who has an individual context. If we want to develop quality in our practicing process, I agree with the idea that we have to look for an intelligent, efficient approach, a good way of invest our time in the 'practice room'. However, we have to know our real situation, where we are, our everyday context, and from there we have to try to find the best way to incorpore the best strategies into our practice.
For me there are two reasons to look for a new approach to practicing. On the one hand, life gets complicated as you grow older, so you have to take the most of your practice time. On the other hand, Art (and Music is an Art) is a discipline that transforms you. It is about communicating, and the more deep are the ideas you want to express, the more command of your expressive tools you have to develop. For me it implies a new approach to practice focused on nuances, subtleties, details.
So, here I am, carrying out this search into myself. I have to find exactly in which point I am right now, how my context and my life affect my practice. This is the way I can begin this process into a new way of practicing.
You are welcome to join this journey.


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